Darian Byrd Principal 397-1810
Greg Craig Assistant Principal 397-1811
Amy Segee Guidance Counselor 397-1804
Deedi Barnette Receptionist 397-1812
Rebecca Guthrie School Nurse 397-1807
Wenda Moore School Nurse 397-1807
Sandy Shelton Secretary/Bookkeeper 397-1802
Stacy Massarelli Data Entry 397-1801
Amy Bradford K4 Teacher 397-1855
Sherri Allsep 4 yr old Kindergarten - Asst. 397-1855
Amanda Benjamin K5 Teacher 397-1854
Deedra Yoder Instructional Assistant 397-1854
Kayla Landreth K5 Teacher 397-1863
Karen Bayne Instructional Assistant 397-1863
Ginger McCoy-Motes K5 Teacher 397-1858
Kelly Pace Instructional Assistant 397-1858
Angela Nalley K5 Teacher 397-1856
Nancy White Instructional Assistant 397-1856
Janet Pollard K5 Teacher 397-1857
Judy Irvin Instructional Assistant 397-1857
Hillary Harris 1st Grade Teacher  397-1820
Leslie Pearson 1st Grade Teacher 397-1823
Mandy Richardson 1st Grade Teacher 397-1824
Shana Blackwell 1st Grade Teacher 397-1818
Kim Wilson 1st Grade Teacher 397-1819 KimWilson
Kelleigh Barner 2nd Grade Teacher 397-1840
Kristen Dickard 2nd Grade Teacher 397-1827
Jenny Whitfield 2nd Grade Teacher 397-1828
Jennifer Wooten 2nd Grade Teacher  397-1841
Marsha Chastain 3rd Grade Teacher 397-1831
Megan Dossett 3rd Grade Teacher 397-1839 Megan
Cindi Fogle 3rd Grade Teacher 397-1838
Patti McCombs 3rd Grade Teacher  397-1830
Amy Mitchell 3rd Grade Teacher 397-1837
Casey Brewington 4th Grade Teacher 397-1833
Ben Fowler 4th Grade Teacher 397-1836

4th Grade Teacher  397-1835
Kelli Petit 4th Grade Teacher 397-1834
Phyllis Sams 4th Grade Teacher 397-1832
Ginger Hines 5th Grade Teacher 397-1850
Shannon Nichols 5th Grade Teacher 397-1847
Jeanie Thomas 5th Grade Teacher 397-1849
Melinda Waddell 5th Grade Teacher  397-1829 Melinda
Jennifer Wade 5th Grade Teacher 397-1846
Laurie Horne Speech Therapist 397-1859
Teresa Betsill Visually Impaired 397-1861
Sunday Davis LD Resource - SPED Chair 397-1848
Rachael Lum LD Assistant 397-1848
Ross Goodacre LD Self-Contained 397-1817
Sylvia Maughan LD Assistant 397-1817
René Smoak TMD Self-Contained 397-1853 René
Ginia Cassell TMD Assistant 397-1853
Traci Gardo TMD Assistant 397-1853
Phillip Brown Physical Education  397-1843
Stacy Bullard STEM 397-1851
Patricia Butts Media Specialist 397-1805 or 1866
Terri Gwinn Physical Education 397-1864
Brooke Gravett Art 397-1842
Rebecca Hughes Music 397-1844
Carleen Sexton Technology Assistant 397-1852
Teresa Howell Reading Interventionist 397-1803
Tracy Brandt Instructional Coach (Teacher of the Year) 397-1815
Aimee Callahan ESOL 397-1860
Miriam Nelson QUEST - Gifted and Talented 397-1865
Roxanne Williams SDPC Psychologist 397-
Gracie Wilson Reading Coach 397-1822
Marie Talley Head Custodian 397-1806
Joel Black Custodian for After School
Ken Larson Custodian
Aundra Mituzas Custodian
Pamela Smith Food Service Manager 397-1808 Pamela
Dareen Angel Food Service Operator
Jewel Cooler Food Service Operator
Tammy Finley Food Service Operator
Rebekah Holt Food Service Operator
Robin Satterfield Food Service Operator
Amy Kelley Director of After School  397-1867 Amy
Courtney Bright After School Assistant
Hillary Hennessee After School Assistant Hillary
Angela Higgins After School Assistant Angela
Shannon Lane After School Assistant
Addi Menchyk After School Assistant
Brandi Smith After School Assistant
Christie Taylor After School Assistant